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Priority One, Mega Flavonoid 2000, Кверцетин, 90 таблеток

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Priority One Mega Flavonoid 2000, Кверцетин 90 таблеток

Priority One, Mega Flavonoid 2000, Кверцетин, 90 таблеток

Priority One’s Mega Flavonoid 2000 is a good source of bioflavonoids (natural plant pigments) that may work to maintain overall well-being in several ways.

First‚ each serving of Mega Flavonoid 2000 provides rutin‚ quercetin‚ and hesperidin because of their potential to promote healthy circulation. Specifically‚ these three flavonoids could potentially act to preserve the proper functioning of your capillaries; as a result‚ this Priority One supplement may work to lessen the visible appearance of varicose veins. In addition‚ rutin may act to relieve minor swelling‚ pain‚ and aches in the legs or feet by helping your veins function more effectively.

Finally‚ Mega Flavonoid 2000 contains vitamin C‚ which may work to protect your cells from free radical damage by serving as an antioxidant.

Take two tablets daily. At the recommended serving size‚ a 90-tablet bottle of Mega Flavonoid 2000 by Priority One should last for approximately one month.

  • MFG # 1200
  • UPC # 815354020969
Official Website: http://www.priorityonevitamins.com

Serving Size: Three (3) Tablets
Servings Per Container: 30Amount Per Serving / Vitamin A (100% as beta carotene) 44‚000 IU / 880%
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 400mg / 667%
Zinc (as zinc orotate oxide) 30mg / 200%Rutin 95%
(from japanese sophora (flower bud)) 500mg / Quercetin 95%
(from japanese sophora (flower bud)) 500mg / Hesperidin 98%
(from bitter orange (fruit)) 500mg / Bromelain (3‚000MCU/g) 500mg / Dunaliella (whole) (Betatene 7.5% N)
(mixed carotenoids (beta-carotene‚ alpha-carotene‚ cryptoxanthin‚ zeaxanthin‚ lutein)) 2‚000mcg / Daily Value not established.Other Ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate‚ vegetable stearic acid‚ microcrystalline cellulose‚ vegetable magnesium stearate‚ silicon dioxide‚ croscarmellose sodium‚ maltodextrin‚ hypromellose‚ gelatin‚ sucrose‚ soy bean oil‚ ascorbyl palmitate‚ mixed tocopherols‚ methyl cellulose.Contains: Soy.Contains no preservatives.
Bisphenol-A (BPA) & Phthalate Free.GMP Certified.

Take three (3) tablets daily or as directed by your physician.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding‚ consult your physician before using this product.Keep container tightly closed‚ store in a cool‚ dry place.Keep out of reach of children.For professional use only.Allergen Caution: Contains Soy.

  • GMP
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