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Skin Balance Dr. Fung's Oldenlandia, Вітаміни для волосся шкіри та нігтів, 90 капсул

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Вітаміни для волосся шкіри та нігтів:

Health Concerns Skin Balance Dr. Fung's Oldenlandia, Вітаміни для волосся шк... 90 капсул

Skin Balance Dr. Fung's Oldenlandia, Вітаміни для волосся шкіри та нігтів, 90 капсул

Irritating skin problems—such as itching‚ inflammation‚ and rashes—can drive you crazy. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that psoriasis‚ eczema‚ rosacea‚ hives‚ and other skin conditions may be caused by toxins present in your liver or bloodstream. As a result‚ these practitioners often use herbs that are believed to cleanse your body of toxins in order to eliminate your skin problems. You should always see a doctor or dermatologist if you have skin problems to rule out any serious causes. In the absence of a serious condition‚ herbs may bring your skin back to perfect health.

Health Concerns’ Skin Balance provides traditional Chinese herbs to treat your symptoms and repair your skin. This supplement contains the following natural ingredients:

  • Barbat Skullcap Ban Zhi Lian—may reduce swelling and sores‚ while working to clear your body of toxins.
  • Oldenlandia Bai Hua She Cao—may relieve abscesses and soothe your skin.
  • Gentian Long Dan Cao—may improve liver and digestive health.
  • Rehmannia Root Sheng Di Huang—may cleanse your blood and liver.
  • Viola Zi Hua Di Ding—may remove toxins from your body and heal abscesses.
  • Siler Fang Feng—may heal and soothe irritated and inflamed skin.
  • Lonicera Jin Yin Hua—may heal swelling‚ sores‚ and boils.
  • Lysimachia Jin Qian Cao—may improve liver function.
  • Coptis Root Huang Lian—encourages liver health.
  • Tang-kuei Dang Gui—encourages healthy blood production.
  • Bupleurum Chai Hu—may relieve eczema and dermatitis.
  • Carthamus (Safflower) Hong Hua—may relieve rashes and hives due to allergic reactions.
  • Senna Leaf Fan Xie Ye—may remove toxins from your intestines.
  • Rhubarb Da Huang—may relive burns and skin ulcers.

Take three tablets of Skin Balance by Health Concerns‚ three to four times a day between meals‚ in order improve the health and appearance of your skin. At the recommended dosage‚ you should have enough capsules for seven to 10 days.

Health Concerns is dedicated to providing quality herbal therapies to its customers. The company has taken herbal therapies that have been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and put in a more convenient tablet form.

  • MFG # HC097090
  • UPC # 810034441157
Official Website: https://www.healthconcerns.com

Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Serving Per Container: 30Amount Per Serving / %DV Proprietary Herbal Blend 1.949 mg / †
Chinese Skullcap root extract‚ Hedyotis (Oldenlandia) herb extract‚ Gentian root‚ Rehmannia (raw) root‚ Sweet Violet leaf‚ Cornsilk‚ Coptis root extract‚ Dong Quai root extract‚ Bupleurum root‚ Safflower flower‚ Senna leaf‚ Chinese Rhubarb root†Daily Value not established. Other Ingredients: Hypromellose (vegetable cellulose) and rice bran. Pinyin: Huang qin‚ bai hua she she cao‚ long dan cao‚ sheng di huang‚ zi hua di ding‚ yu mi xu‚ huang lian‚ dang gui‚ chai hu‚ hong hua‚ fan xie ye‚ da huangMade in the USA

Three capsules‚ 3 times per day between meals‚ or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

As with any dietary supplement‚ do not take without first consulting your healthcare practitioner‚ especially if you are pregnant‚ nursing‚ or are under medical supervision for any reason. Keep out of reach of children.

  • Made in the USA
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