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Transformation Enzymes, Супер ЦеллЗуме, Super CellZyme, 90 капсул

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Transformation Enzymes Super CellZyme 90 капсул

Transformation Enzymes, Супер ЦеллЗуме, Super CellZyme, 90 капсул

Super CellZyme features a diverse and balanced blend of enzymes‚ botanicals‚ and other ingredients to potentially offer you energy on a cellular level. Insufficient or poor dieting‚ stressful lifestyles‚ and more can leave you drained. That's why Super CellZyme by Transformation Enzyme Corporation aims to potentially balance your energy by possibly addressing the issue on a cellular level.

Featuring an Enzyme Proprietary Blend to aid in digestion (which can then help nutrition and energy levels)‚ Super CellZyme is formulated with Lipase‚ an enzyme that acts as the catalyst for the breakdown of lipids (fats). Super CellZyme also features Protease‚ which is responsible for catalyzing the breakdown of proteins by dismantling the peptide bonds that hold amino acids together.

In order to help your body and cells get the nutritious they need‚ Super CellZyme also features numerous natural botanicals like Blue Green Algae‚ which contains protein‚ iron‚ and essential B vitamins. Super CellZyme is also a source of flax seed. This powerful seed packs a nutritional punch with high dietary fiber‚ omega-3 fatty acids‚ essential minerals‚ vitamin C‚ and much more. Other nutritional herb and plat ingredients include:

Spinach Leaf—Source of essential vitamins A‚ C‚ E‚ K

Barley Grass—Source of amino acids

Broccoli —Source of fiber and vitamin C

Rose Hips—Source of vitamin C

Super CellZyme also features Wheat Germ‚ possibly one of the most nutrient packed botanicals out there with B vitamins‚ fiber‚ protein‚ phytosterols‚ omega-3 fatty acids‚ and more.

Super CellZyme was formulated with your whole family in mind‚ to potentially offer the balanced nutrition that everyone in your family may need with essential vitamins and minerals‚ plus more.

Since its founding in 1991‚ Transformation Enzyme Corporation (TEC) has believed that you should be able to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle. Since then‚ TEC has been providing nutritional supplements that allow people around the world to maintain their health in the most convenient way possible.

  • MFG # 10161
  • UPC # 632889101617
Official Website: https://www.transformationenzymes.com

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 45

Amount Per Serving /

Vitamin C 5.2mg / 9%
Enzyme Proprietary Blend 85mg
Lipase 225 FIP / †
Cellulase 700 CU / †
Amylase 1‚380 DU / †
CereCalase (Hemicellulase‚ beta-glucanase‚ phytase) 10mg (200 MU / †)
Pectinase 12 endo-PGU / †
Protease 4‚600 HUT / †
Glucoamylase 3 AGU / †
Broccoli (Flowering Head) 200mg / †
Carrot (Root) 200mg / †
Spinach Leaf 200mg / †
Rose Hips (Fruit) 156mg / †
Acerola (Fruit) Extract 100mg / †
Barley Grass 100mg / †
Garlic (Bulb) 100mg / †
Green Pepper (Fruit) 100mg / †
Wheat Germ 60mg / †
Blue Green Algae 40mg / †
Chlorella Algae 40mg / †
Kelp 40mg / †
Flax Seed 20mg / †

†Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Cellulose and water.

Absolutely no fillers.

Two (2) capsules once a day with at least 8 oz. of water. It makes no difference whether Super CellZyme is taken at mealtime or between meals. Vegetable two-piece capsules may be pulled apart and ingredients mixed with food.

Store tightly sealed in a cool‚ dry place.

Keep out of reach of children.

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