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Progressive Labs, U-Tract Caps D-Mannose, D-Маноза, 90 капсул

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Progressive Labs U-Tract Caps D-Mannose, D-Маноза 90 капсул

Progressive Labs, U-Tract Caps D-Mannose, D-Маноза, 90 капсул

Within your intestinal tract‚ there are both good and bad bacteria. Sometimes this bacteria can gets into our urinary tract through the urethral opening. In many cases‚ this isn't a problem because the bacteria are eliminated when you urinate. However‚ one type of bacteria can stick to the walls of the urinary tract and travel upward‚ causing a urinary tract infection (UTI): Escherichia coli‚ otherwise known as E. coli. E. coli is the cause of over 90 percent of urinary tract infections; it can stick to the walls of the bladder and then spread throughout your urinary tract.

There are many over-the-counter products that claim to help rid you of these infections and alleviate your discomfort‚ but they may not always work. Another option is Progressive Labs’ U-Tract Caps (D-Mannose). This supplement contains 2000 mg of D-Mannose‚ which is a naturally occurring simple sugar that sticks to E. coli. Once this sugar bonds to the bacteria‚ it's no longer able to stick to the walls of you urinary tract. The result of this is that the E. coli are flushed out of our bodies during urination‚ leading to the elimination and prevention of a urinary tract infection. D-Mannose is the only active ingredient in this supplement‚ which makes it less likely to cause interactions with other medications.

The manufacturer recommends that you take four U-Tract Caps three to four times per day‚ until the condition clears. Once the UTI clears up‚ you can take four capsules two to three times daily‚ for two or three more days. You can take this supplement with or between meals.

Progressive Labs has been a family owned manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements for 40 years. Progressive Labs has supplied over 25‚000 customers with professional grade vitamins‚ herbals‚ and dietary supplements.

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Official Website: http://www.progressivelabs.com

Amount Per Serving:

D-Mannose 2000 mg

Other Ingredients: gelatin‚ vegetable stearate

Four capsules three or four times daily. Continue this until condition clears. Then take four capsules twice daily for two or three more days. May be taken with or between meals.

Consult your healthcare professional

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