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Progesterone Pure, Progesterone Pure, Прогестерон Крем, 56.7 г

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Karuna Health Progesterone Pure, Прогестерон Крем 56.7 г

Progesterone Pure, Progesterone Pure, Прогестерон Крем, 56.7 г

As you or your loved ones age‚ you may begin to notice that you (or they) look and feel different than in more youthful days. This is because the body’s ratio of testosterone to estrogen changes over the years. During your 20s‚ men have sufficiently more testosterone than estrogen; however‚ certain medical conditions or simply getting older causes that ratio to begin evening out. This can result in weakened muscles‚ a depleted sex drive‚ and negative mood changes. Progesterone is a hormone that can help; it’s normally produced by the corpus luteum‚ adrenal glands‚ and testes.

Karuna Health’s Progesterone Pure is a natural topical cream that allows progesterone—derived from wild yam rot extract—to be absorbed through the skin. This hormone counteracts the effects of estrogen in the body‚ improving your testosterone to estrogen ratio. An excess of estrogen in the male body‚ whether it occurs naturally or due to environmental factors‚ can result in problems in the prostate. In addition to benefits in the way men look and feel‚ progesterone can improve body composition (by decreasing body fat) and boosting energy levels. Progesterone may also improve some cases of allergies.

Unlike other skin creams‚ this formula is hypoallergenic‚ making it safe for those who suffer from allergies or skin sensitivities. The effects of natural Progesterone Pure cream should be noticeable after two to three months of regular applications. As a fat-soluble hormone‚ progesterone should be applied on various areas of the body‚ with the locations rotated periodically for effective absorption.

Karuna Health is proud to celebrate over 30 years of responsible nutrition. Karuna Health is committed to providing its customers with high quality herbal and nutritional supplements. Most of Karuna Health's capsules are also vegetarian friendly‚ and the ingredients contained in them comply with FDA Supplement Facts requirements.

  • MFG # 7115
  • UPC # 018647071154
Official Website: http://karunahealth.com

Purified Water‚ Jojoba Oil‚ Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Extract‚ Shea Butter‚ Cetyl Alcohol (coconut oil derived) ‚ Micronized USP Progesterone (wild yam derived) 1440 mg‚ Stearic Acid (palm kernel derived thickener)‚ Monosodium Salt‚ Disodium Edetate (plant derived preservative)‚ Grapefruit Seed Extract‚ Potassium Sorbate‚ Vitamin E‚ Xanthan Gum (seaweed derived thickener)

Apply as directed in the enclosed educational brochure.

Intended for external use.
Consult your doctor if you have a medical condition‚ if you are or may become pregnant‚ or if you are nursing.
Keep out of reach of children.
Store at room temperature.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in the USA
  • No Animal Testing
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