MitoQ, Blood Sugar, Підтримка рівня цукру у крові, 60 капсул

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    BLOOD SUGAR AND INSULIN LEVELS SUPPORT: Unique formula designed to support blood sugar and ще...
Країна постачальник: United States (США)
Міжнародний код товару: B01CO96E0Y
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Підтримка рівня цукру у крові
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MitoQ Підтримка рівня цукру у крові 60 капсул

MitoQ, Blood Sugar, Підтримка рівня цукру у крові, 60 капсул

  • BLOOD SUGAR AND INSULIN LEVELS SUPPORT: Unique formula designed to support blood sugar and insulin levels within the normal limits, and optimize key organ health.
  • WORLD FIRST: Only product in the world to combine super antioxidant MitoQ with Chromium, Cinnamon and Zinc to support natural sugar metabolism.
  • ADVANCED AND PATENTED Q10 ANTIOXIDANT TECHNOLOGY: Delivers targeted CoQ10 antioxidant support to your mitochondria - the power plants of your cells - to help your organs perform at their best. MitoQ is absorbed by your mitochondria hundreds of times more effectively than regular CoQ10 supplements.
  • CELL SUPPORT AND BUILD RESILIENCE: Helps to limit free radical damage at the source, helping to support your cells and build resilience, by reducing the risk of oxidative stress.
  • SCIENTIFIC DATA TO SUPPORT QUALITY & SAFETY: Where possible, our ingredients have been selected and formulated to provide the highest level of bio-availability/ absorption. Our ingredients and products are manufactured to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

About us

Our patented antioxidant is a breakthrough in human health. Since it was created by two scientists at the University of Otago in the 1990s, MitoQ has been the focus of more than 650 independent research papers. So far, scientists have found that, by combating cell stress, MitoQ supports cardiovascular health, athletic performance and so much more.

How was MitoQ discovered?

MitoQ was created by two scientists at the University of Otago, New Zealand in the 1990s. It’s a world-first antioxidant molecule that’s small and positively charged, giving it the ability to efficiently get inside mitochondria (cellular powerhouses where around 90% of cell-damaging free radicals originate). Prior to MitoQ, there wasn’t an effective way to energize cells from within. Thanks to these two scientists, we can now all support the primary building blocks of our health – one cell at a time.

MitoQ (Mitoquinol)

An altered molecular form of the antioxidant CoQ10, MitoQ’s patented antioxidant is different. It’s smaller and is positively-charged, so it can be easily pulled into your cells where its powerful support is needed most. Scientifically shown to target cell stress, MitoQ helps your cell vitality, leading to better energy, health and aging.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium helps to regulate blood glucose, which may help reduce sugar cravings. Chromium picolinate is absorbed better than other forms, so is the most effective chromium option.

Zinc Amino Acid Chelate

Zinc plays an important role in the production, storage and release of insulin from the pancreas.


Recent studies suggest that cinnamon supports glucose metabolism, healthy blood sugar balance and healthy cholesterol levels.

MitoQ deeply enhances cell health

Your body is made up of trillions of cells. Your heart, brain, even tastebuds. Healthy cells age, repair and grow well, producing ample levels of energy to empower your purpose - big or small.


Every day your life exposes you and your cells to harmful stressors such as pollution, UV radiation, poor diet, too little sleep, smoking, life stress, and excess alcohol.

Over time, highly reactive molecules known as free radicals build-up, leading to oxidative cell stress.

Long-term, this stress can lead to health challenges like low energy, fatigue, brain fog, slow recovery and rapid ageing.


MitoQ is an advanced molecule that is small enough to be able to pass through the mitochondrial wall, controlling the levels of free radicals to help restore healthy energy production.

With your mitochondria working optimally, your trillions of cells are now at their best, giving your body the energy and health you need in order to live your best life today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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