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Amino Blend 750 mg, Amino Blend 750 mg, Амінокислоти, 90 капсул

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Progressive Labs Amino Blend 750 mg, Амінокислоти 90 капсул

Amino Blend 750 mg, Amino Blend 750 mg, Амінокислоти, 90 капсул

Whether you're a health conscious individual‚ someone looking to get started on improving your health‚ or a serious athlete in need of amino acid supplements‚ Amino Blend by Progressive Labs is formulated to address many amino acid needs.

Amino acids are organic compounds that make up the structures that form proteins. After we ingest and digest those proteins‚ the amino acids are left behind in the process. That's how our bodies acquire what are commonly called essential amino acids‚ amino acids that our bodies don't generate naturally and‚ as such‚ must be ingested through foods or possibly amino acid supplements. Amino acids that our bodies produce naturally on their own are called non- essential amino acids.

There are nine essential amino acids and Amino Blend by Progressive Labs is formulated with eight of them: Histidine‚ Isoleucine‚ Leucine‚ Lysine‚ Methionine‚ Phenylalanine‚ Threonine‚ and Valine.


A precursor to histamine (a neurotransmitter that regulates sleep and allergic reactions)‚ it’s possible that histamines can treat Rheumatoid Arthritis‚ and improve susceptibility to certain lesions and stress.


Studies and research suggest that threonine can treat certain nervous system disorders. Once it undergoes the process‚ threonine changes into glycine‚ which affects the brain to reduce one’s susceptibility to spasticity (spasms).

L-Isoleucine‚ L-Leucine‚ L-Valine‚ & L-Glutamine

Some research has suggested that the combination of L-Isoleucine‚ L-Leucine‚ L-Valine‚ and L-Glutamine may reduce the amount of muscle breakdown in an individual‚ while also improving general athletic performance. That's why these amino acids (or BCAAs--Branch Chain Amino Acids) are often preferred by athletes.

Progressive Labs amino acid supplements also feature non-essential amino acids like L-Cystine‚ L-Alanine‚ L-Ornithine‚ plus many more that also serve to promote a wide variety of healthy bodily functions.

Progressive Labs has been a family owned manufacturer and distributer of nutritional supplements for 40 years. Progressive Labs has supplied over 25‚000 customers with professional grade vitamins‚ herbals‚ and dietary supplements.

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  • UPC # 351821009605
Official Website: http://www.progressivelabs.com

Three 750 mg. capsules contain:

L-Alanine 147 mg. L-Lysine 203 mg.

L-Arginine 138 mg. L-Methionine 55 mg.

L-Cysteine 23 mg. L-Ornithine 23 mg.

L-Cystine 26 mg. L-Proline 77 mg.

L-Glutamine 28 mg. L-Serine 95 mg.

Glycine 95 mg. L-Threonine 91 mg.

L-Histidine 73 mg. L-Tyrosine 77 mg.

L-Isoleucine 71 mg. L-Valine 120 mg.

L-Leucine 203 mg. Taurine 48 mg.

L-Aspartic Acid 206 mg.

L-Phenylalanine 102 mg.

L-Glutamic Acid 349 mg.

Other ingredients: magnesium stearate‚ rice flour‚ gelatin.

One to three capsules daily‚ or more‚ as directed by a doctor.

Consult your healthcare professional

  • Corn Free
  • GMP
  • Soy Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Yeast Free
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